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Activatec are committed to promoting the circular bioeconomy in the UK and in Europe by ensuring the commercial viability of bio-based products and materials. Specialised in the purification of bioderived products and upscaling of processes to maximise product output, we aim to valorise high-value emerging bioproducts to develop viable alternatives to non-renewable carbon derived sources and ingredients. 

Activatec have partnered with companies from fine and speciality chemical, food and beverage, to biopharmaceuticals, around the world to deliver novel manufacturing processes that increase productivity, reduce cost and improve quality. Our partner list is varied and includes start-ups with new process ideas through to blue-chip multi-nationals.


Using an extensive range of processing and testing equipment, we can develop and test novel bio-based processes at lab scale prior to investment in pilot-scale processes.

Our grounding in the real world of processing, gained through the operation of our own equipment, means that alongside researching technical options, we’re also focused on key practical considerations:

  • Can the process be scaled up safely and reliably?

  • Is it likely to be commercially viable?

  • Will it meet environmental targets?


We evaluate projects at every stage, looking to find approaches that will both succeed in the lab and translate into a sound business proposition.

We love a challenge and we are open to ideas. Learn about our current projects here.

Our fully equipped state-of-the-art lab
  • Reaction system up to 5L

  • 20-500 mL Shacking incubator

  • 1-10 L fermentation system

  • Solvent extraction and crystallisation system

  • Cross-flow filtration system up to 7 L/min (15 L-batch) for nano, ultra and micro-filtrations

  • Electrodialysis system

  • High-speed centrifugation

  • Chromatography from millilitre to litre scale

  • Benchtop Freeze Dryer 

  • Advanced analytical equipment (HPLC-DAD/RID, GC-FID, UV-Vis, etc.)


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