Current R&D Projects

We are currently working within the BBI JU-H2020 DEMO projects:

  •  INGREEN to produce bio-based ingredients from agro-food side streams such as whey, cereal waste and paper mill wastewater using biotechnology to produce food, feed and cosmetics.  

  • DEEP PURPLE to produce high-value resources from wastewater streams. A fantastic renewable source, wastewater contains many valuable components including nutrients that are used as feedstocks for innovative bio-based products. 

Activatec and its partners are developing the production and purification of high-value products from agrifood side streams:

  • Ectoine, one of the most valuable biotech ingredient in the market.

  • From whey, Lactobionic acid, used in the cosmetics industry as an antioxidant and in the pharmaceutical industry as an excipient for formulation; and the purification and fractionation of Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS), a prebiotic for both infants and adults.

  • From wastewater, an innovative recovery process for the Biopolymer PHAs (Polyhydroxyalkanoates).


In doing so, we are developing our own IPs and technologies related to the development of PHAs, GOS, Ectoine and LBAs. 

For further details about our processes and projects, check out our relevant blog posts. Alternatively, get in touch to discover how we can develop technologies and products for you.

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