Growing The Bioeconomy

By helping companies manufacture bioproducts from currently underused organic sources, Activatec works towards a bioeconomy  and to contribute to sustainable and resource-efficient solutions to the challenges we face in food, chemicals, materials, energy production, health and environmental protection. 

Working to produce and purify high-value biobased ingredients and materials from agrifood side streams, we are experienced in increasing manufacturers' product output while minimising waste.


The UK government has recently announced its ambitious bioeconomy strategy looking toward 2030, which emphasises both the financial value and social impact  of the bioeconomy sector.

As well as promoting the development of eco-friendly biofuels, bioeconomies emphasise the need for sustainable food sources.

Sustainability Solutions

Using innovative and sustainable solutions, Activatec aims to overcome the consumption challenge faced by a growing population. 

Making the most of by-products and developing biobased ingredients from renewable sources, we are reducing the need for synthetic materials in cosmetic and nutraceutical value chain.

The British Bioeconomy

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