We are committed to promoting the circular bioeconomy in the UK and in Europe by ensuring the commercial viability of bio-based products and materials. Specialised in the purification of bioderived products and upscaling of processes to maximise product output, our expert team of biologists, chemists and engineers use novel processes to valorise high-value emerging bioproducts from waste streams, develop viable alternatives to non-renewable carbon derived sources and ingredients. 

​Our grounding in the real world of processing, gained through the operation of our own equipment, means that alongside researching technical options, we’re also focused on key practical considerations:

  • Can the process be scaled up safely and reliably?

  • Is it likely to be commercially viable?

  • Will it meet environmental targets?


We evaluate projects at every stage, looking to find approaches that will both succeed in the lab and translate into a sound business proposition. We offer Proof of Concept and Upscaling of Processes analysis for the manufacturing of biobased products, ingredients and materials from under-used and low-value organic sources to ensure the economic viability of emerging bioproducts. 

Supporting Innovation

Our Processes

Committed to promoting the industrial biotechnology sector and developing the circular bioeconomy, Activatec are keen to support a range of innovative, exciting, and challenging R&D projects, and we're always open for suggestions! If you're in need of a project partner and believe we can help, get in touch with further details about your project to find out if we're a fit for you. Rest assured, your project details will be kept confidential and we will respond in a timely manner.

We offer expert Proof of Concept and Upscaling of Processes analysis for the manufacturing of bio-based products, ingredients and materials from under-used and low-value organic sources in order to ensure the economic viability of emerging bioproducts.

We follow a professional and thorough process to efficiently maximise by-products and bioderived materials, commercialising high-value bioproducts while contributing to the circular bioeconomy.

  • Analyse previous data to identify scope.

  • Identify and evaluate products to be targeted.

  • Technology screening and conceptual design, evaluating feasibility via a pre-investment study.

  • Demonstrate technical feasibility and Proof of Concept to client-defined specs.

  • Develop manufacturing process flowsheet for pre-treatment, upstream and downstream processes.

  • Identify potential hazards, operability problems and regulatory requirements.

  • Specify the equipment, operation conditions and streams, and prepare a preliminary cost estimation and business case.

  • Effectively manage contractors, scheduling and managing project phases from detailed design to installation, commissioning and validation.

  • We analyse bids and budgets and work alongside you every step of the way. 

Our Facilities 

Our  State-Of-The-Art Lab
  • Reaction system up to 5L

  • 20-500 mL shacking incubator

  • 1-10 L fermentation system

  • Solvent extraction and crystallisation system

  • Cross-flow filtration system up to 7 L/min (15 L-batch) for nano, ultra and micro-filtrations

  • Electrodialysis system

  • High-speed centrifugation

  • Chromatography from mL to L scale

  • Benchtop freeze dryer

  • Advanced analytical equipment (HPLC-DAD/RID, GC-FID, UV-Vis, etc.)

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