Growing The Circular Bioeconomy

Working within a number of local and international partner projects to manufacture bio-based products from currently underused organic sources, Activatec aim to advance the circular bioeconomy in the UK and in Europe. In doing so, we are developing sustainable and resource-efficient solutions to tackle the challenges facing humanity in terms of food, chemicals, materials and energy production, while also promoting health and environmental protection. 

Working to produce and purify bio-based ingredients and materials from agrifood side streams, we aim to valorise waste products. Creating high-value emerging bioproducts from sustainable sources, we aim to reduce humanity's reliance on unsustainable fossil-based materials such as crude oil.

As well as promoting the development of eco-friendly products and biofuels, bioeconomies emphasise the need for sustainable food sources.

Working with bio-based ingredients and materials, Activatec aim to overcome the consumption challenge faced by a growing global population while reducing the need for synthetic materials in the development of cosmetic and nutraceutical products. 

The Economic Viability of the British Bioeconomy

The UK government has recently announced its ambitious bioeconomy strategy looking toward 2030, which emphasises both the financial value and social impact  of the bioeconomy sector. 

The bioeconomy is swiftly becoming an economic powerhouse, with the British bioeconomy currently worth £220 billion GVA, contributing to over 5 million jobs.

The UK government is aiming to create even more high-skilled jobs, promoting cutting-edge R&D innovation and industrial biotechnology companies to contribute to regional economies while promoting the development of more sustainable products and services. 

The worldwide biotechnology market is expected to value at approximately £600 billion by 2024, with the market for bio refineries expected to rise to £550 billion by 2021. Matching this global increase in value, the British government is aiming to double the size of its bioeconomy to £440 billion by 2030, promoting industrial biotechnology companies and practices. 

However, the economic viability of bioproducts are still under threat from comparably cheap non-renewable fossil-based sources. Activatec believes in the necessity of a future built around a bioeconomy, and are working to promote the biotechnology sector in the UK and abroad, using our expert knowledge in purification of bioderived products and the upscaling of processes to ensure the economic viability of high-value emerging bioproducts.

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